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Trop d'amour à donner (2020)


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Fernando Ferro (Adrián Suar) is a prestigious traumatologist who can be considered a fortunate man: Every day he wakes up, he is hugged by the woman that loves him, has breakfast with his family and leaves to a job where he is liked and respected by his colleagues. Sounds like a perfect life. Well, almost perfect...he’s actually living a double life. From Monday-Thursday he’s with his wife Paula (Gabriela Toscano), and from Friday-Sunday, he’s with Vera (Soledad Villamil). He lives in Buenos Aires, but also in Mar del Plata. He has two cars, two jobs, two houses, kids and dogs but love is stronger than anything and he is madly in love with both of these women. He does whatever necessary to share his life with his two wives. If he has to travel he does,  if he has to lie, he will. They don't know about each other, but one day they find out . He is willing to do anything, and so are they.