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Adam by Eve: A live in Animation (2022)



This film is produced by Genki Kawamura, who also produced Your Name and Weathering With You, and directed by Nobutaka Yoda, who has helmed many works, including trailers and music videos such as We’re Still Underground and Fireworks.

Starting his career as a singer on the Internet, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Eve has achieved 1.2 billion views on YouTube, 3.3 million subscribers, and over three million followers on social media. With Kaikai Kitan being the top song streamed overseas on Spotify for a Japanese artist in 2021, Eve is the next-generation artist who’s currently attracting the most attention. Combining new songs written by Eve, new animation, live-action drama that brings to life Eve’s past hits, and original concert footage that fans have long wished for, the newly-announced Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation is a brand-new entertainment live film that delivers his entire body of work crafted into a single musical story.

The film consists of two brand-new pieces of animation and live-action parts:

The animation for the new song Mob will be helmed by the animation studio khara, which has captured the hearts of many fans for its work on the Evangelion series and Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, which earned over 10.2 billion yen at the box office. Studio member Hibiki Yoshizaki will direct this animation.

The animation for the new song Don't replay the boredom will be helmed by animator Waboku, who fascinated viewers with their unique worldview in the music videos for As You Like It and Tokyo Ghetto, Eve’s earlier works.

For Eve’s mega hit Kaikai Kitan, visual effects artist group khaki and director Yuichiro Saeki have teamed up to craft otherworldly visuals as though Eve has entered another world in this display of his epic worldview.

In the live-action drama that drives the story, former member of the idol group You’ll Melt More! and current singer, model, and TV personality Ano, who performs in a wide array of media, and Hanon, a next-generation model who has gained attention for her overwhelming translucence on Instagram and TikTok, team up to play the two high school girls that will memorize viewers.