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I AM A KILLER (2022)


prochaine saison : 3


Critically acclaimed docu-series I Am A Killer is back for a third season to examine the cases of prisoners convicted of murder— either sentenced to death or destined to spend the remainder of their lives behind bars. Each episode explores the crimes in question through unflinchingly intimate interviews with the men and women who committed them.

Prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, friends and relatives of the victims and convicted felons offer their perspective on the tragic events and the players involved. New facts emerge, previously hidden motives are discovered, rare glimpses of humanity are revealed and strange twists of the United States legal system exposed. Some victims’ loved ones offer forgiveness; others demand retribution.

First-person killer testimonies, insider access into the prison system and exceptional contributors present unparalleled insight into the minds and motivations of these real-life murderers.