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Les Secrets de la tombe de Saqqarah (2020)


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Directed by James Tovell, executive produced by Richard Bradley and Caterina Turroni and produced by Lion Television and At Land Productions, the documentary follows the decoding of the tomb of an Old Kingdom priest Wahtye, unopened for 4,400 years, and the excavation of five shafts to uncover an astonishing ancient mystery. Transporting the audience back through the millennia, the film provides a unique and unprecedented window into the lives - and deaths - of one man and his family.
The condition of the tomb is remarkable – but the real excitement lies in what is to come. The archaeologists hope they are going to unearth the possessions, grave goods, and mummies of the high-priest and his family – and with that information hoping to transform our understanding of this period of Old Kingdom history.