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Trois tonne$ : Braquage record au Brésil (2022)


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August 2005. A burglary in the Central Bank, located in Fortaleza, Ceará, takes out approximately 165 million reais from the bank’s safe, or around 3 tons and a half of used and untraceable 50-real bills. A spectacular crime that was performed with the help of an underground tunnel of almost 80 meters in length, at first leaving no witnesses and no evidence. One of the most spectacular stories in Brazilian police history begins here. A plot that puts face to face one smart group of thieves and a team of federal agents, equally intelligent and patient, who during a period of 5 years chased each other in a cat-and-mouse game. The documentary series 3 Tons, The Central Bank Burglary retells the story of the crime, the investigation and the tragic consequences of a once seemingly perfect crime worth millions, which, nonetheless, after some time, revealed itself to be a curse, leaving a trail of extortion, kidnappings and murders in its wake.