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La Casa de las Flores (2019)



After the unexpected death of the matriarch, Virginia de la Mora, the family is falling apart. Paulina, who now lives in Madrid with Maria José and their son Bruno, must return to México when she finds out that her mother’s will has been challenged. Upon her return, Paulina finds her house worse than ever: her father, Ernesto, has joined a pseudo-spiritual success sect; her sister, Elena, is experiencing an identity crisis as a result of her latest relationships; Julián has found a new and peculiar job which will only bring him more problems. Without leaving aside her coveted revenge against Diego, who fled with the family’s money, Paulina feels the responsibility of rescuing her family and recovering “La Casa de las Flores”, but she is unable to see that what she’s actually putting in danger is the home that she has decided to create again next to Maria José.